Adventure Racing Academy

April 27, 28 and 29, 2018

WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: We will train you on the following skills:
1. Orienteering, Land Navigation, & Map Reading

  • Using a compass and Adventure Racing UTM plotter
  • Advanced map reading
  • Orienteering at night
  • Navigating in various weather conditions
  • Navigating by committee 

2. Ropes: Rappelling, Ascending, & Top Rope Climbing

  • Select, inspect, wear and care for your mountaineering gear
  • Proper rappel technique, from hooking up to proper body position
  • Perform self arrest, recovery, and self rescue.
  • Proper ascending techniques and fluid energy application.
  • Do a main line exchange while ascending.
  • Proper top rope bouldering/climbing technique.
  • Select your climbing route, proper commands, hand holds, and proper belay technique.
  • Bowline, figure 8, prussic and square knot.

3. Canoeing & Kayaking

  • Characteristics of various boats, paddles, and PFDs
  • Wilderness boat repair
  • How to properly read river currents
  • Paddle strokes: the power stroke, sweep stroke, draw stroke, and back stroke
  • Proper river rescue techniques and rescue throw line applications
  • Self rescue and boat recovery
  • Aggressively swimming in white water
  • How to improve paddling endurance

4. Expedition Mountain Biking

  • Properly select, maintain, and inspect your mountain bike and gear
  • Wilderness bike repair
  • Technical riding skills
  • Navigate obstacles, the ready attack position, powering through turns, and more
  • Proper climbing and descending technique
  • Pushing or towing teammates
  • Orienteering while biking

5. Assessing & Managing Risk

  • How to determine which paths/routes to take
  • How to avoid dangers
  • General wilderness safety

Dates: April 27-29, 2018 Please contact us through the contact link or facebook for more information. Training is based on weather conditions & water levels. We reserve the right to cancel or change any part of the curiculum in order to maintain safety. Academy director Doug Crytzer hosts one of the nations longest running Adventure Racing Academy in the United States with more then 250 students graduating since 2002.