About Us

We have no idea what we're doing.

As the name implies, Lionheart is about Adventure - wherever and however we can find it. Our roots come from Adventure Racing. We are completely nuts about it. But we're exploring all sorts of different events. We actively seek out and cherish all of the ideas and feedback we can possibly get. This adventure is always evolving - just like you. 

We totally know what we're doing.

Lionheart was founded by a true adventure guru and an only slightly crazy adventure enthusiast. Between the two there is over 40 years of racing, exploring and producing epic experiences in the great outdoors. We're dedicated to taking this incredible knowledge and using to mold awesome experiences for a new generation of crazies just like us!

You need to come see what we're doing.

Lionheart Adventures was founded on the belief that life's greatest adventures aren't going to happen from your couch. We're here to get you out and moving! Our goal is to create experiences designed to challenge and excite everyone from beginners to seasoned veterans. We're looking forward to seeing you out there. What we do is awesome. Drop us a line and find out more!